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Code of Conduct

The purpose of CSC’s activities is to promote the operating conditions of Finnish research, education, public administration and companies. As a non-profit company, it is our duty to uphold exemplary transparency, integrity and accountability.

Trust is the foundation of CSC’s success. Customers, suppliers, owners and personnel must be able to fully rely on us to fulfil our commitments and promises in an ethically sustainable manner.

CSC’s values are the foundation of all our work. With this Code of Conduct, we can transform our values into actions. This Code reflects what we mean when we talk about good business practice and healthy interaction with stakeholders, society and the environment. We will not merely refrain from doing the wrong thing; we are determined to promote high-quality service activities produced at the highest ethical standard.

We are all responsible for CSC’s reputation. That is why we expect the entire CSC, including the management and the Board of Directors, to follow our Code of Conduct without exception. We also encourage all our suppliers and partners to adopt values that are consistent with our Code of Conduct.

The principles of our activities

CSC values are the conscience of CSC – They form the basis for all our decisions. We follow our core values always and in every situation: Community, Expertise, Assurance, Integrity

Respecting fundamental rights and the legislation

We uphold internationally recognized human rights, such as those mentioned in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the standards on rights at work specified in the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions. We uphold the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

We are familiar with the laws and regulations pertaining to our tasks and follow them carefully. We bear the responsibility for our actions.

How we treat each other

Mutual trust and appreciation are a prerequisite for CSC’s success. We uphold the principle of equality and do not accept discrimination, harassment, inappropriate conduct or intimidation for any reason. CSC commits to treating employees equally in all matters related to employment relationships. As CSC employees, we will familiarize ourselves with the internal guidelines related to the abovementioned issues.

We each do our part to promote a positive working environment through friendly, considerate and polite conduct. We want to benefit from the strength created by diversity. When we talk to each other, face to face or over the Internet, we keep the content appropriate and friendly. We value each other’s professional skills, and we work together and actively share information with each other. We ensure the professional development of our personnel and encourage everyone to participate in lifelong learning.

We commit to maintaining and continuously improving the safety of our working environment. We follow CSC’s occupational health and safety guidelines carefully. We encourage everyone to maintain a good work-life balance, and we support everyone in their efforts to achieve this goal.

CSC respects employees’ freedom of association and their right to be represented through trade unions and other parties representing employees (personnel representative, shop steward, occupational safety representative). We comply with the generally applicable collective agreement of our sector. We provide personnel representatives with access to all the information they need to perform their duties, and we make sure to maintain communications with them. We respect each other’s right to privacy, and we process all personal information in confidence and with great care.

How we act in customer, supplier and stakeholder relationships

Our customers

Customer success is the key to CSC’s success. Together with our customers, we form the national research infrastructure and strive for a well-integrated entity. We produce customer-oriented and high-quality services in such a way that their cost-effect impacts are beneficial to both the customer and us. We provide accurate and truthful information on the content, use and safety of our services so that our customers can make informed decisions.

We face our risks and mistakes head-on, and we do not hide them. We strive for transparency and open dialogue with our customers. For our part, we strive to resolve any conflicts without delay and through joint negotiation, without causing undue burden on our customers.

Our suppliers

Suppliers are an integral part of CSC’s service production. We require our service providers and suppliers to comply with agreements and guidelines governing good business practice and the laws and regulations applicable at any given time. We do not accept the use of illegal labor in our assignments or the assignments of our suppliers or any of our partners.

We include social, environmental and safety requirements in our procurement agreements. We commit to taking immediate corrective action if the ethics of our supply chain is called into question. We require that stakeholders’ representatives on CSC premises are familiar with and comply with the safety requirements and instructions of CSC facilities. We act as a reference for our suppliers when separately agreed.

Gifts and hospitality

CSC’s business conduct must be based on objective criteria, and we do not accept any means of influencing our judgement or that of our stakeholder representatives. We comply with the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. We adhere to moderation when receiving and offering gifts and hospitality. We never accept monetary gifts.

The boundary between a gift and a bribe varies from culture to culture. An acceptable gift does not place a debt of gratitude on the recipient of the gift or create expectations for any favor in return. We always consider what the situation looks like to an outsider. You can openly tell others about a gift, but not a bribe.

Conflicts of interest

We always act in the best interest of CSC and our customers. We avoid situations where CSC’s interests may conflict with direct or indirect personal interests. We withdraw from actual or potential decision-making situations where the benefit is directed personally to ourselves, our family, our friends or the community or organization we represent. We handle and resolve conflicts of interest with supervisors in a confidential and constructive spirit.

CSC does not directly or indirectly support political party candidates, parties or political groups. This means that we do not make CSC’s resources available for promoting political campaigns or ideas.

How we look after CSC’s assets and information

We protect and carefully handle CSC’s tangible and intangible assets. Such assets include facilities, instruments, office equipment and supplies, communications equipment, information systems, software, financial assets, copyrights, and other proprietary information and know-how. We only use CSC’s assets for legitimate business and purposes. We do not take personal advantage of CSC’s internal information or the opportunities revealed through it.

We handle the property of a supplier, customer or other third party and the trade secrets and intellectual property rights handed over to us in the same way as CSC’s property and rights. The disclosure of confidential customer and other information to third parties is strictly prohibited, as is the use of such information against the interest of CSC and our customers.

How we build a sustainable future

Promoting sustainable development is a key driver of our operations from the social, economic and environmental perspectives. Our measure of success is how well we fulfil our social service mission. With our work, we increase intellectual capital, knowledge and competence.

Reducing the carbon footprint is a globally important goal that can be influenced by choosing the supercomputers’ location. With advanced cooling solutions and the utilization of waste heat in the data center, reducing, for example, carbon dioxide emissions from the production of district heating is possible.

CSC’s data center in Kajaani is located in the Renforsin Ranta industrial center. The area was originally built for heavy industry and is also ideal for creating data center ecosystems. Key advantages of the Kajaani data center are the use of renewable energy and the availability of warm-water cooling. The waste heat generated by warm-water cooling can be used in the municipal district heating network, which reduces costs and carbon footprint. Another benefit of the CSC data center is the sufficient supply of environmentally friendly and affordable electricity produced by hydropower. As a result, the total carbon footprint of the data center is negative.

We are aware of the environmental impacts of our business and take environmental considerations into account in our decisions. In our environmental policy, we are committed to assessing and reducing the environmental burden caused by our activities. We encourage CSC employees to adopt operating models that reduce environmental strain and to develop ecologically sustainable services.

How we communicate about our activities

CSC’s communication and information flow must be open, timely, and factual. We encourage our entire personnel to engage in genuine dialogue throughout the organization. In essential matters concerning personnel, the CSC management will discuss with the representative of the personnel concerned before making a decision. We will inform our personnel honestly and without delay about matters concerning them, including difficult decisions.

Our communications to the public are truthful and timely. We welcome media contacts and are prepared to discuss in public everything concerning CSC while taking account of the specified responsibilities related to communications. We never make statements on behalf of CSC or give the impression that we represent the official position of CSC unless we have been authorized to do so. We take due consideration when talking about matters concerning CSC outside the company, on public forums, in blogs and in social media.

Following the Code of Conduct

Without exception, our Code of Conduct defines the actions of everyone at CSC: our personnel, management and the Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by more detailed internal instructions. We introduce the Code of Conduct and internal instructions to new employees in the orientation process, and supervisors will regularly review them with the personnel. CSC encourages raising questions related to the Code of Conduct and resolving possible unclear situations with a supervisor or personnel representatives.

CSC has zero tolerance for inappropriate conduct. We all have an obligation to report behavior that violates the Code of Conduct (reports can also be submitted anonymously). The report can be made to your supervisor, a person who represents personnel (personnel representative in administration, shop steward, occupational safety representative) or employment manager (HR). CSC has implemented Whistleblower reporting form in compliance with the EU directive, which can be used for making a confidential and anonymous report. We will investigate in an objective and confidential manner any doubts expressed in good faith regarding the breach of the Code of Conduct and will take the necessary measures following the investigation. This Code of Conduct has been approved by the CSC Board of Directors on 6 October 2020. Personnel representatives review the Code of Conduct at regular intervals and, if necessary, update it with while involving the entire personnel.

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