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We emphasize that all the objectives of the data strategy must be promoted in order to create a common European data space. We also need common data governance practises as well as coherent data regulation that support the development of new capabilities and innovative practises. Publicly funded data must be opened for public use.

As the objective of the Act is to actively promote the re-use of protected data we also consider it very important that the resource needs and appropriate organization of tasks are reviewed carefully for organizations such as CSC that provide services for authorities. In this regard, CSC supports a decentralized system in which sectoral bodies remain. CSC is happy to have been recognized as service provider for the public sector in the report and will gladly offer its expertise to support the implementation of the Act.

In addition, it is important that Finland, as a member of the forthcoming Data Innovation Board, promotes data politics which aims to promote diverse use of data, especially for research purposes. Moreover, existing data governance standards and practises must be utilized maximally and adequate resources ensured for uniform implementation of the Act across Europe.

Read the full statement (pdf) (in Finnish).